Quant Family Collective

Learning stats is hard. Join the QFC and we’ll do it together!

The Quant Family Collective offers mentorship, informal learning opportunities, networking, consulting, and a supportive community to early-career psychology researchers learning quantitative methods. We are particularly interested in supporting researchers who are underrepresented in quantitative fields, including but not limited to those who contend with stereotypes, struggle with imposter syndrome related to stats, or have a limited background in formal math education.

For the 2023–2024 academic year, the Quant Family Collective offers three tiers of involvement based on quantitative experience.

Note that time commitments and expectations for each tier are flexible and designed to provide structure for members of the community to give and receive support.

Early Trainee (Tier 1)

Scholars learning introductory or intermediate-level graduate statistics (e.g., graduate students in years 1 or 2)

Advanced Trainee (Tier 2)

Scholars learning advanced gradute statistics (e.g., graduate students in year 3+)

Quantitative Specialist (Tier 3)

Advanced students, post-docs, and faculty with quantitative expertise


Note that we value and appreciate any and all contributions from Quantitative Specialists! Please reach out if you have other ideas on how to share your expertise with trainees. Specialists also have full access to join the Quant Talk series and Slack page, if desired.

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More info about each tier is available here.

Questions? Reach out to Annie and Whitney at quantfamilycollective@gmail.com!